7 Big Hollywoodian Beard Mistakes To Avoid

Everyone wants to look like a movie star, right? Chiselled jawlines, handsome faces – Oscar winners are revered for looking effortlessly stylish.

We watch them fight bad guys, fall in love, and save the world. Naturally, we emulate our idols to make us feel strong, handsome, and unstoppable. Not everyone has movie-star quality bone structure – and fortunately for us, you don’t have to.

A beard is great for visually changing your face shape. The Hollywoodian, just like its namesake, inspires visions of muscled champions in sharp suits. It’s is a simple, beard style designed to define your jawline without detracting from your facial features, and is great for those not looking for full coverage. Usually short, with a clipped mustache and shaved neck, it eliminates sideburns, tapering forward and cutting low on your cheeks.

The stars have teams of stylists to ensure they look their best, but they also know that the key to any good performance is to make it look easy. Whilst it’s not difficult to maintain this seemingly effortless style, there are a few mistakes you need to avoid in order to achieve a square jaw deserving of an uppercut from Rocky Balboa.

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