All the Facts About Dairy You Ever Wanted To Know

Whole milk is an abundant and very energy dense food source – but it is one that many adults shouldn’t consume. Whole milk serves the purpose of nourishing infants until they are old enough to eat other foods. Lactose, the main sugar in dairy milk, is responsible for a common complaint – lactose intolerance.

“[It] occurs when people stop making lactase, the digestive enzyme located along the small intestinal wall that breaks lactose into glucose and galactose for easy digestion. This usually occurs around the age of four or five (lactose intolerance is incredibly rare in infants, for obvious reasons). Without lactase, lactose is instead metabolized by bacteria, which can cause stomach upset, flatulence, diarrhea, bloating, [and] nausea.”
– Mark Sisson,

Around 65% of adults have varying levels of lactose intolerance, which causes uncomfortable symptoms for those who consume dairy. On the other hand, only 65% of males and 40% of females consume enough calcium – and milk is a great source of this important mineral! So, why do we keep drinking milk? Because dairy is both nutritious and delicious.

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