What is the Ketogenic Diet? The science behind a completely different way to fuel your body.

I’m sure you know that your body runs on glucose… but what if I told you there is an alternative, more efficient, energy source?

No matter what kind of food you eat, the outcome is the same – burning food for energy. It’s a complex process, but the simple message is that by changing to a ketogenic diet, you can change the way your cells power themselves. Not only will you burn fat, but ketosis will also power your brain, heart and body more efficiently! So what is the ketogenic diet, and how can it benefit you? Read on and find out!

Normally, your cells are powered by an energy molecule called ATP, made by using glucose. Ketosis is different – put simply, it creates molecules called ketone bodies, by using fats. It is a part of the normal bodily process, and it takes place regardless of how many carbs you eat.

Ketone bodies, however, are a much more effective way of powering your body. It does require more energy to get going, which is why your body prefers the easier-to-use glucose, but ketosis provides far more energy in return.

“We evolved to produce ketone bodies so we could not only tolerate but also thrive in the absence of glucose for prolonged periods of time. No ability to produce ketone bodies = no human species.”
-Dr Peter Attia, MD, The Eating Academy

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