Eight Startling Chemicals That Ruin Your Beard Growth

You’re busily growing your magnificent beard, when suddenly it screeches to a halt. Stop panicking and put down the scissors – chances are the problem is something you can easily fix.


Don’t be scared – taking care of your facial hair and beard with beard specific product is the most manly thing you can do. Hair care can seem intimidating with the plethora of balms, oils, lotions and creams available, but how you look after your beard and what products you use can really affect the way it grows. By following some simple guidelines, you’ll be looking like a bear-wrestling pinnacle of masculine virility in no time.

Beards grow between ½” and ¾” per month, and can be expected to shed around thirty hairs per day. You can’t really make your hair grow faster, but by taking care of the growth you have, you’ll lose less hair from shedding and breakage. Split and dry ends are the most common issues with beard hair – and when they snap off, it can seem like your beard growth has completely stopped.

Can your beard grow forever? Probably not. Most people’s hair is limited to a certain terminal length. As part of the natural growth cycle of hair, an old follicle will shed to make way for a new hair. How long your hair and beard can grow depends not only on how well you care for them but how long your growing cycle lasts – usually between two and six years.

Unfortunately, you can’t change this cycle – it’s determined by your DNA. What you can do is give your beard the chance to grow its best.

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